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Caterpillar - $60
15mm (.60") wide, variable lengths!
10mm (.40") when pressed
The possibilities are endless.  Check out the info page to see what we mean.
recommended use with 1/16" mandrel
more info | tutorial

This is just one example of the 'Lantern' shaped beads that can be pressed with this tool.  Vary the length of your initial footprint and your lantern rims will vary in size too.

Here's the beauty of the forming tray concept of this tool.  You can roll your glass in it and your will get even, round sections; thus, the Caterpillar.  Can you see the possibilities?  Snowmen, totems, stacked pumpkins.  You name it.  You can make them up to 2-1/2" long!

There are no pins to get in your way and you can line it up any way you choose.  Roll one way and then roll again to divide up the sections even more!


And here's an example of pressing a longer section.  You'll get a nice crisp edge rather than rounded all the way around.

Since this is a freeform tool (that is it doesn't HAVE to line up a particular way) press one way and then off set it and press again!

What will YOU come up with?


beads and photos by
Lori Greenberg

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