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Tool Tips and FAQ

What is a Tab?

CattWalk's definition of a Tab Tool is any of our shaped beads that have straight sides and can achieve a crisp edge around the shape. Originally intended to name the Round Tab, under this definition it also applies to other shaped beads such as the Classic Stop Sign and Tile beads. You will see the need for this distinction as other shapes come out. See the next 3 FAQs below for more shape information....


What is a Pastille?

Pastille is French for Lozenge which is a shape that is very popular these days. As with the Tab Tool, the Original Pastilles are round, but this definition also describes any shape that has rounded edges (as opposed to the potential crisp edge of a tab bead). Also, the surface of a bead made with a Pastille Tool will dip slightly in the center of the surface of the bead. This can be easily removed with a marver.


What is a Faceted Shape?

Just as the name implies, the edges around the shape are faceted which bring the edges around the shape to a crisp point. The surface area of a faceted bead will be flat and lay nicely against the skin while also providing a nice canvas for after-press decorating.  You will find some of our classic tab shapes also in a faceted shape. Faceted Tools require much less glass than tabs.


What is a Lentil?

As with the other shapes, the Lentil Tool refers to the original round shape. The edges of a Lentil come to a tapered, crisp edge all the way around. Lentil can also refer to other shapes, such as the Oval Lentil that have the same crisp edge all the way around. The difference between a Tab and a Lentil is that the Lentil has one tapered crisp edge while the Tab has 2 parallel crisp edges with a straight side between.


What is a Forming Tray?

A forming tray is a tool that you can use to roll in, as well as press a shape from.  Many times forming trays are open-ended, like the Crunches so that there is no restriction at the ends.  The glass is free to flow out and leave perfectly puckered holes.  While you can roll your glass along it or against it, you can also press a shape out at any point on the tool for many different shapes and effects.  Forming trays are very versatile!

How can I determine how much glass is needed for a mold?

Use some type of modeling compound (clay, play doh, silly putty) first, in your tool. Squeeze it out until only the cavity is filled. Take it out and trim off all excess. Roll it into the shape necessary (as shown in our tutorials) before pressing and keep it in front of you on your work surface as you work. You will have a living reference as to how much glass to wind on your mandrel!


Do I need a base for my pressing tool?

We've heard of people not using bases, but we don't recommend it. Using a base with the tools helps to ensure proper alignment and therefore a properly shaped final product. The base takes the guesswork out of lining up the tool before pressing.


I think my tool might be off a hair. What can I do?

Make sure that your tool is loaded into the base with the X that is stamped into the brass to the left. Also, make sure you are pressing down with X on the top part to the left.


What is this piece of metal that came with my base?

We have redesigned the base so that it can accommodate 2 of the smaller tools at the same time. The piece of metal you received is lovingly called a 'slug' and is a spacer that goes in the larger side of the base when you are using a small tool. It fills in the space that would normally be fully taken up with a larger tool. It's a great solution for quick changes between sizes!


How long will it take to receive my order?

Your order will ship in 1 to 7 business day depending on availability.  If longer you will be notified.  If you have any questions about your order, email Catt, or call her at (973)398-7390 office or (843)834-1229 cel.

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