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The Scratching Post
News and talk about CattWalk Tools

Happy Holidays Everyone ,

We want to thank everyone for all there support of CattWalk! We are happily overwhelmed with the response to our new Stamps.

Now to our news....Fred, Catt, Miss Pebbles and CattWalk will be moving in a few months from New Jersey to Missouri. Normally when we're at shows or away, Gina, Fred's Daughter does my shipping and emailing. Gina had an accident at work with the kick press and crushed her finger so she is unable to fill in for us, therefore, we are closing down the shipping department through the Holidays to drive out to Missouri and get the shipping room stripped of it's wallpaper, sanded, painted and ready for the move. You can still place your order through the website but know that it won't ship out until we return on Jan. 4. Thanks so much for your patience and understanding .

Here are a few pictures of our new home, a house built in 1895.

Have a Happy Holiday and a Happy and Healthy New Year Everyone We'll be back in 2008 with the rest of the promised new being my favorite of all the Stamps .

Rocio Bearer and Ron Bearer Jr. have developed some exciting new bead bending tools.  In the pictures below, Rocio made these beads with the Long Med Emerald CattWalk press and then bent them using her bending tools.  These beads are incredibly comfortable worn against the wrist!  Catt absolutely adores her bracelet made with bent beads in the Marquis Focal shape!

Rocio and Ron have also published a new book (Rocio, The Art of Beads Volume One) with instructions on how to bend beads and several other projects. 

Announcing September Artist Gallery winner!

Catt, with a little help from Miss Pebbles, pulled a name out of the hat so, drum roll please…Congratulations to Jodi HenryYour beads will be displayed next to the Daisy Press you used in our Tool Catalog with a link to your web site. 

Announcing the July Artist Gallery winners!

Catt, with a little help from Miss Pebbles, pulled 2 names out of the hat so, drum roll please…Congratulations to Sarah Hornik and Jennifer WoodYour beautiful beads will be displayed next to the presses you used in our Tool Catalog with a link to your web site.

Sarah Hornik used the Graduated Lentil press:

AND Jennifer Wood used the Rectangular Puffy Pillow press"


We’re back from the Gathering and we had a wonderful time!  It was so nice to meet so many people and put faces to names.  We will add a link with pictures from the trip soon. 

We are producing tools and shipping out orders that were placed while we were away as fast as we can.  Your patience is greatly appreciated and we should be caught up with orders in about a week.


CattWalk is headed to the Gathering!!!

Yes, it's that time of year...we're on the road again, this time all the way to Kansas City, MO. for the ISGB Gathering. We can't wait to see new faces and all the old familiar faces. Make sure you stop by and say Hello.  :-) 

The production and shipping dept. will be closed from Wed. July 12 through Wed. July 26. Any orders placed in this time period will be filled and shipped when we return. Tools will be shipped in the order in which they were received. We will make every effort to ship as fast as possible when we return. I will have my laptop with me so if time permits I will answer emails. Thanks so much for your understanding and patience.


Did anyone notice?  There are new tools up!  Yes, it's been a while since there's been an update to the Scratching Post.  You've been keeping Catt busy!  But now that Tucson is behind them and inventory is restocked, Fred's on a roll again.  For now, you can get the Rectangular Puffy Pillow and a couple really nice large Crunches.  Not only longer, but wider too.  Check out this bead!  You might not be able to tell from the picture but it is nice and big but sleek and slim at the same time because it's the Crunch shape!

C'mon, you know you want one....tool that is.  :o)


Oh, and how could I forget to let you get in on seeing these two cuties:


I've been itchin' but I ain't been scractchin'.  Today I shifted into high gear and am bringing you some new tools.  the Tabulator, the Column, and four different sizes of the new Tumble Tile. 

11/03/05 - So what's new?  I'll show you.  I was a little stuck in a Monet phase but I think the style translates nicely to this shape, don't you?  It's a Daisy Tab tool.  It's calling me to do more with it so I have some more testing but I think it's off to a good start, don't you?
Then, it's an oldie, revisited.  Well, it's not that was introduced at the end of July.  The Marquis.  I've only had two beads in this shape on my own site and people flip over them.  I bet these sell when I put them up too.  I still haven't seen what they're doing with them but they get ordered over and over.  You need to be able to roll a long thin barrel and build it up to a slight bicone in the middle but if you can do that, you'll have a great marquis shape.  Yes, faceted all the way around.
Then, this beauty from another in the faceted line the Long Emerald.  This is the Wide one.  In getting ready for my upcoming show I'm focusing on pendants since time is approaching fast and I don't have enough time to make elaborate pieces with multiple beads.  These Emeralds and the Marquis' above are sleek and elegant and don't require a lot of glass.  That means less time winding it on the mandrel = more beads made!
Oops.  Sneaking a new one in here again.  Shhhhh.  As soon as Fred gets caught up with the other Puffy Pillows he needs to make we might let this one out.  Oh wait.  There's one in line before this.  [insert BIG evil grin here].  I'm really enjoying this shape.

And another new favorite of mine.  Yes, the smaller cavity of the Marquis.  In my new wire-wrap bracelets I'm finding that I can use 3 of these easy-to-make beads to get a whole bracelet and perfect matching earrings too. 

I think that's enough for today.  I promised Catt I'd showcase some of the beads and there you go....CattWalk shapes done up in Bead Nerd style.



Here are the results of my forming tray testing yesterday.  I think the one in the back is a serious contender for 'ugliest color scheme in a bead for 2005.'  Isn't that going to be a new Guide?  I've never made and end of the day bead and that was my attempt.  I thought I might get lucky.  I guess that's what happens when you make an end of the day bead in the middle of the just doesn't work.

All three of these beads came from the same tool. The left bead measures 28mm x 21mm x 14mm.


Below is another tool made in the larger brass size...these are honkin' big to me and part of the reason why I only made it through 2 tools yesterday.  They take a good amount of glass.


These are straight pressed with different initial footprints.  One of the nice things about the forming trays, like the crunches is that you can make your beads any length you want.

The one shown in the right here is a more accurate representation of the shape you can get when has a tapered wing on the edge.  The one on the left, I used less glass and marvered what was left of the wing back in.


You can see that they're two very different beads but both formed in the same way.  Now I'm going to have to muster up the courage to get enough glass on the mandrel again so I can show you what it does when you roll in it like the other beads above. 

Stay tuned...more coming tomorrow!


You know you're in trouble when you open box 1 of 2 from CattWalk and this is what you see.  If you're new to CattWalk, I'm Lori, the main tool tester and I receive boxes regularly of new tools to test to make sure that they're the easiest to use and a 'winner' before they're brought to you for sale.

Well, this is what I got today.  That only means that there are accompanying tool bottoms in the other box.  You may be excited to know that but not as excited as I am to see what is in the other box!  I'll show you some beads tomorrow!

Short update today as I'm trying to get my own work caught up since I've been told that I will be receiving 12 new tools tomorrow.  Yikes and YES!  Will keep you posted.

Today's beads here aren't from a new tool, per se, but those that I've had around and haven't gotten to testing.  All of these beads came from the same tool.  Looooove it!  oooo.  But then again, I always like those tools that let you do more than one thing with them....Roll in it, press in it  roll and press in it.  You get the picture.   

I have so many of these to test that I didn't know where to start so I just dove in with these and I'm happy to say that I think they are successful.

This second pair is from another of the forming trays in a little different size and more bands than the ones above.  I'm still trying to formulate in my head more ways to use them.  The forming trays are so versatile they just scream to you to push the limits! 
With our first installment of The Scratching Post I bring you one of the new Special Edition Puffy Pillows.  We heard your plea for more puffy pillows and we answered!  Here is the rectangular version.  There is also a smaller size in this tool. 


You may have already seen Kaye Husko's version of the Rectangle Puffy Pillow in a couple of her auctions because we've been getting requests from people who know about it already. 

Just like with the regular puffy pillow, the Rectangle has nice flat sides that help the hole around your mandrel to be perfect every time.  A gentle domed top that comes down to nice pointy corners ensures elegance in every bead.  This tool requires that you be able to roll a barrel of the right size before pressing and the rest is up to the tool.
Next on today's agenda is a showcase of a tool that we've had out since June but would just like to show you some of it's possibilities.   The X-Deep Princess Cut (scroll about halfway down the faceted page).

We were really excited to introduce the slim version of the Princess Cut for its sleekness in laying against the skin but as we went deeper, literally, we grew more excited and we found out what the X-Deep version can do. 

They remind me of little treasure chests or double pyramids.  (I have another set of artist's beads to put up too...hi Darlene! watch for more here).

There's more to come but you'll just have to come back regularly to see.  Bookmark us and keep up with what's new!  I'll give you a hint....CattWalk is going to starting having featured artists every month.  We've chosen the first one and she doesn't even know it yet!  Be watching...hopefully our first will be shown on November 1 but you never know...we're sneaky that way.
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