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Ruffler Tutorial

For proper alignment, make sure that your bottom tray is loaded into the base with the X on the left side. When pressing, also make sure that the X on the top of the tool is towards the left.
First make a football. For consistent size use another press to measure the footprint. Lay the initial footprint of glass in a cavity and use it as your ruler for each bead.
Heat your football evenly and press a flat side on a marver. Reheat the rounded side and press that on a marver.

Heat the flat sides of your tab only. I just hold one side over the flame for a few seconds and flip to the other for a while. Then give the first side a small bit of reheat.  

Press with the ruffler. To get the center in the middle I use the mandrel lined up with the center groove of the texture as my guide when I'm laying it down on the base of the press.


It takes a few tries to get to know how long to heat the flat sides for a specific glass, but once you do you'll have it.

Bead by Susan Sheehan

Bead by Susan Sheehan

Bead by Susan Sheehan

Bead by Susan Sheehan

Bead by Susan Sheehan

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