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Pillows - Special Edition

Fred builds each of these tools with layers of hand-cut and machined pieces of brass and then assembles them securely with tapered pins that hold it all together. It is the only way to achieve the elegant domed face of the pillow while having the tailored straight sides at the same time.  These are the tools that go one step beyond and really set themselves apart from the crowd. If you think it is intriguing here, just wait until you see one up close and personal!

The price is a little higher because of the labor intensive process of building the tool and it may take a little longer to ship but remember, you save a lot with the FREE shipping.

Rippled Pillow

Rippled Pillow - $75

Small Cavity:

Length .75 inch (19 mm)
Width .8 inch wide (20.3 mm)
Depth .36 inch (9.3 mm)

Large Cavity:

Length 1.1 inch (29.8 mm)
Width .8 inch wide (20.3 mm)
Depth .36 inch (9.3 mm)

beads by Amanda Millard

Sleek Pillow

Special Edition Sleek Pillow - $75
.51" (13 mm) x .50" (12.7mm) x 6.3mm thick
.63" (15.8 mm) x .60" (15.4 mm) x 7.5mm thick
 .80" (20 mm) x .75" x 7.5mm thick

Beads by Pati Walton

The Puffy Pillow Collection

Beads by Gina Beardsley

Focal Sleek Pillow, Big (7/8"x2")

7/8 inch x 2 inch Focal Sleek Pillow- $75
depth 15 mm (.600 inch)

Focal Sleek Pillow, Biggest (1"x2")

1 inch x 2 inch Focal Sleek Pillow- $75
depth 15 mm (.600 inch)

Beads by Angie Ramey

Beads by Angie Ramey
Focal Sleek Pillow, Bigger (1"x1.5")

1 inch x 1.5 inch Focal Sleek Pillow- $75
depth 15 mm (.600 inch)

Puffy Pillow

Tiger beads by Pati Walton
regular Puffy Pillow and Focal Puffy Pillow
Beads by Gina Beardsley


Puffy Pillow - $75
5/8" x 3/8" thick and 1/2" x 1/4" thick
(16mm x 9mm thick and 12.5mm x 7mm thick)

Rectangular Puffy Pillow
Beads by Jennifer Wood

Rectangular Puffy Pillow - $75
3/4" x 5/8" and 5/8" x 1/2" x  1/4" thick
(19mm x 16mm and 16mm x 13mm  x 7mm thick)

Puffy Pillow Duo - Mid Size

Beads by Ronnie Renee

Puffy Pillow Duo - $75

This is a nice step up in size from the original Puffy Pillow.
The square cavity is 3/4" x .40" thick  (19  x 19 mm x 10mm thick)
The Rectangular Pillow is 3/4" X 7/8" x .40" thick
(19  x 22 mm x 10mm thick)
This Duo completes the Graduated Puffy Pillow Series
Bead pictures coming soon!

Focal Puffy Pillow

Focal Puffy Pillow - $75
1" x .4 " thick
(25mm x 11mm thick)

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